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Laying the groundwork for legacy of giving

There is little doubt that the current population in the United States has more wealth at its disposal that any other in history.

Numerous articles over the past ten years have given estimates from such a "small amount" of 11 trillion dollars to as much $42 trillion that will transfer from one generation to the next by 2050.

Regardless of the actual amount, the question is how that transfer could impact charitable giving, particularly Christian ministry.

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Legacy of Faith

This year for Christmas, my wife's extended family met at her younger sister's house in Montana to celebrate Christmas. Overcoming the challenging logistics of 23 people from four generations living together on the same premises for 7 nights and 6 days may seem like a Christmas Miracle, but it was a pleasant week spent with family. Not to mention getting to relish in some of the most glorious scenery of God's creation.

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Because Someone Gave

It's often said that statistics are often very sterile, cold and boring. There's an old adage that even draw the connection between statistics and lying. As true as these statements may be, sometimes data, charts, graphs and raw numbers give us the basis for a picture as nothing else can.

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation uses numbers, statistics and dollar figures in our annual financial statement and the Book of Reports for the annual meeting.

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Kathryn Carpenter: A Legacy of Faith

It's 1939.
A young lady steps off a bus in a small, predominantly French-speaking town in South Louisiana. She and the two friends with her spend the day going door to door, looking for people interested in starting a Bible study. Before the end of the day, and before the bus returns to pick up the three, they have found several adults and children interested in joining them to study the scriptures.
This was how young Kathryn Carpenter spent her life in those years.

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God Uses La. Connections To Change Lives In Paraguay

Imagine for a minute that it is early on the morning of Christmas Eve. Your spouse has a fever. Your infant son is also ill and in need of medical care.

You're in an unfamiliar country and you don't speak the language.

This is where Elizabeth Keene found herself some 14 years ago.

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