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Foundation Facts

Tasks of the Louisiana Baptist Foundation

Encouraging Estate Stewardship
Foundation representatives seek to raise the awareness of Louisiana Baptists concerning estate stewardship through pulpit, seminar, and counseling opportunities.

Estate Stewardship Planning
The Foundation assists Louisiana Baptists in developing financial, estate, and giving plans which consider their personal needs as well as their desires to provide for their loved ones and Christian ministries.

Gift Management and Administration
When the Foundation receives a gift the proceeds are either distributed directly to the beneficiary designated by the donor or the principal is invested to produce both growth of the initial gift and a perpetual income for the beneficiary. The terms of distribution are determined by the donor in accordance with Foundation policies.

Fund Administration for Churches and Agencies
The Foundation provides investment and administrative services for institutions and agencies of Louisiana and Southern Baptist Conventions, and churches cooperating with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Investment management is provided in a manner consistent with Baptist beliefs and principles.