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Investment Management

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation offers professional money management options to the churches, agencies and institutions associated with the Louisiana Baptist Convention. You may wish to go to the Investment Performance page where there are more details.

Short Term Fund

The Short Term Fund can be easily described as a "savings account" for Louisiana Baptist churches and institutions. Participants receive a higher interest rate through the Short Term Fund than money market accounts offered by traditional banking institutions, while providing a good alternate to certificates of deposit.

The Short-Term Fund is designed to provide current earnings and liquidity, and can be used as a cash management account as well as for short term investment purposes.

View the Short Term Fund Brochure:

Long Term Management

Endowments, scholarship funds, and other restricted assets have a longer investment horizon. The Louisiana Baptist Foundation provides several three funds to meet this need: Bond Fund, Equity Fund, and Group Investment Fund.

Through these funds the Foundation seeks to achieve the highest total return on investment consistent with long-term preservation of principle.

Every effort is made to minimize exposure to investments that may conflict with Christian principles and beliefs.