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Estate Planning is Stewardship

Donor Advised Funds

The Louisiana Baptist Foundation Donor Advised Fund is designed to accommodate individuals who desire to make donations to one or more charitable institutions. The donor makes a tax deductible gift of cash or securities to a named account managed by the LBF.

At a later time or at various intervals the donor may make recommendations to the Foundation as to the disbursal of funds from the account to other charitable organizations, institutions, or ministries. The donor may choose to distribute all of the assets or retain part for future distribution or to build a permanent endowment. The fund is also open for additional contributions.

The Donor Advised Fund is a convenient way to make one asset transfer that can benefit multiple organizations. It also is a great vehicle to accommodate anonymous giving.


A retired pastor and his wife had been blessed through the years by wise counsel regarding investments. The couple decided to use some of the stock they held to establish a Charitable Gift Fund through the Louisiana Baptist Foundation. The stock is donated to the Foundation and proceeds from the sale are place in the account. The couple then is able to "advise" the fund, choosing which ministries are to receive grants from the fund and when they are to be paid.

This husband and wife ministry team has served together for many years, and continue to support a variety of ministries through their Charitable Gift Fund. In the past six years they have made additional stock donations to their fund and have distributed almost $60,000 to mission offerings, World Hunger, a Baptist camp, scholarships, and three different churches.

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