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Diversified Income Fund

The Diversified Income Fund is the Foundation's more conservative income-oriented investment vehicle.

The investment management philosophy of the Diversified Income Fund invest in financial securities with a majority position in bonds for lower volatility and a lesser exposure to income-oriented stocks for diversification as well as some capital growth.

The investment objective of the Diversified Income Fund is to provide income, and produce a long-term positive return with low volatility of principal.

The Diversified Income Fund may be invested in a maximum of 100% bonds and cash, but may mix in up to 20% equities and/or other income producing alternative investments employed by the LBF.

The strategies used to meet this objective contemplate investment in financial securities require a time horizon sufficient to withstand the normal volatility of the financial markets.  The Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees determines the preferred allocation of assets among Cash, Fixed Income, Equities and Alternative Investments

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